Read the most downloaded articles published in 2019!

  1. A cascade control approach to active suspension using pneumatic actuators
    By Yuchao Li, Lei Feng, Yu Wang
  2. High order sliding mode observer‐based backstepping fault‐tolerant control for induction motor
    By Amal Guezmil, Hanen Berriri, Remus Pusca, Anis Sakly, Raphael Romary, Mohamed Faouzi Mimouni
  3. Multivariable extension of global finite‐time HOSM based differentiator for output‐feedback unit vector and smooth binary control
    By Tiago Roux Oliveira, Victor Hugo Pereira Rodrigues, Andrei Battistel, Leonid Fridman
  4. Robust H∞ sliding mode observer‐based fault‐tolerant control for One‐sided Lipschitz nonlinear systems
    By Abbas Rastegari, Mohammad Mehdi Arefi, Mohammad Hassan Asemani
  5. Third‐order sliding mode fault‐tolerant control for satellites based on iterative learning observer
    By Zhongzheng Zhang, Dong Ye, Bing Xiao, Zhaowei Sun

The following is a list of the most cited articles based on citations published in the last three years!

  1. Quantized Filtering for Continuous‐Time Markovian Jump Systems with Deficient Mode Information
    By Yanling Wei, Jianbin Qiu, Hamid Reza Karimi
  2. Dynamic Surface Control of Constrained Hypersonic Flight Models with Parameter Estimation and Actuator Compensation
    By Bin Xu, Xiyuan Huang, Danwei Wang, Fuchun Sun
  3. Consensus of multi‐agent linear dynamic systems
    By Jinhuan Wang, Daizhan Cheng, Xiaoming Hu
  4. Nonlinear Robust Tracking Control of a Quadrotor UAV on SE(3)
    By Taeyoung Lee, Melvin Leok, N. Harris McClamroch
  5. Fractional‐order iterative learning control for fractional‐order linear systems
    By Yan Li, YangQuan Chen, Hyo‐Sung Ahn